The USA is the only large country that does not have universal health care. This is not a distinction of honor; it's a national embarrassment. To the rest of the world, it is one of the most obvious signs of extreme capitalism at work.

During his first campaign, President Obama talked a tough game. He said we needed to stand up to Republicans and insurance companies. But as soon as he got into office, he immediately pandered to insurance companies, and compromised with Republicans.

The result: Obamacare, where everyone is required to buy health insurance. What about people who can't afford it? What about those with preexisting conditions? This is not universal health care. It is an abomination--a three-humped camel created by unwise compromise and pandering.

Where did Obama's courage go? Why did he compromise with extreme Republicans who are fundamentally opposed to universal health care? Democrats had majorities in both houses! Did compromise produce Republican support for universal health care? Obviously not!
The simple truth is this: universal health care dramatically reduces, if not totally eliminates, the need for health insurance. President Obama repeatedly reminded us of this during his campaign. Then, strangely, he seemed to forget.

Conservatives tells us that the US government would do a terrible job of managing health care costs. Well, here's another simple truth: our current privatized system has the world's worst track-record for managing health care costs. Governments of all major nations do a much better job than US insurance companies.

The much safer bet is that the US government would do a much better job than US insurance companies at managing our spiraling health care costs.

The bottom line is this: we need to fire the US health insurance industry. They prevent us from providing health care to everyone, and they have failed to manage our health care costs. We need a true universal health care system. Health care is an entitlement, not a privilege for those who can afford it.

As a nation, we need to see what the rest of the world is doing. Their health care programs are much better than ours. We have fallen behind on nearly every measure of national health, and our lack of universal health care is a major reason why.

The current debate over Obamacare in the Supreme Court is a waste of time. Republicans say Obamacare is un-American, as if caring for fellow Americans is disloyal. Democrats say it is better than what we have, and ignore that it is severely flawed. And Court justices pretend to care about American citizens, when their track record tells us they are more concerned about corporations than common citizens.

So, if the current debate over Obamacare leaves you feeling unsatisfied, it should. It totally misses the point: insurance and universal health care just don't mix.